Saturday, September 11, 2010

Recollections: A Whiny Revolution


There it was, only a few hours after surgery, in the middle of the night, and that darned night nurse was ignoring me. “The key to all great revolutions,” I thought to myself, “lies in mob mentality. I must make all the patients rise up against this sluggish nurse.” My voice carries well.  In highschool, my drama and speech teacher informed my class one day that I was the only one who didn't need to use a microphone.  Hitler and his star propagandist Goebbels knew about the importance of getting the mob/group on your side, as did the Bolsheviks. It may be that my thoughts were less clear than indicated here, but you get the point. “Help,” I cried loudly. (Sob) (Sob), “My IV hurts so badly. Why won’t anyone come?” (Gut-wrenching Sob) (Sob) “I keep pushing the call button, why won’t you come? Please, help!” (Said pitifully). Star performance. I still feel very smug at how well this worked. I soon had, count them, 2 nurses calling a pharmacist on my behalf in what I must say were panicky voices. Later, my brother-in-law, a doctor by profession, confirmed what I already knew, ACC nurses are often less personable because most of their patients are hooked up to an iron lung… etc…


  1. I want you to know that I am not one of those night nurses. My time from call light to visit is usually within a minute. I love you! Thanks for telling your story.

  2. Tara dear,
    Suze passed along your blog info ... so happy that she did. You are in our thoughts and prayers! Lots of positive energy is heading your way!! Love reading your thoughts ... it just sounds so familiar -- can't wait to continue to follow you through your journey of healing. Love to you and yours, Annie and Quin Tuckett
    Hope to see pictures of your sweet little one someday, nothing sweeter than babies and their mommies,

  3. Tara- You're awesome! I love reading your posts! I can totally relate to the night nurse thing (just had our 3rd baby last week). Wish I had thought of your method of getting their attention. :) Sending love and prayers your way!

  4. I never realized you were such a drama queen! LOL!