Monday, September 13, 2010

The Miraculous Account of "Sister Dahle's" Left Hand


One Wednesday last week I lifted my arms, including my gimpy left in a zombie-like posture. I could also grip my doctor's hand, but unfortunately could not let go. Our relationship was about to get a lot more intimate when he finally pried himself out of my iron grip. By Thursday my wonderful physical therapist, Maria, was re-teaching me to do simple tasks such as getting out of bed properly without injuring myself (May the Lord quit teaching me humility), and then later Maria brushed my arm and hand with a towel in the hopes of waking my nerves up. I must admit that at this point physical therapy was very different than what I originally thought it would be. If there was a work-out program of similar amount of physical activity, I could really get into it!

Anyway, later that night, my nerves came alive! 3 a.m., and I wake, thinking, “I can feel cotton under my fingertips—not Egyptian, and not more than a few hundred count, but I can feel it!" It was like my fingertips were electrically super-charged. The next morning, I could open and close my fist, a first since surgery. I know a lot of people (and Young Women) were praying for this thing specifically, so I thought you should all know what happened. In PeterPan, (obviously I am reading this currently) Captain Hook claims he is grateful to have his left hand cut off so he could have the wonderful use and versatility of his hook. The best part is that he says if he were a mother, he would wish for all his children to be born with a hook. Can you imagine? But we all know he is lying about his preference for that hook. I do, anyway. The left hand is a miraculous instrument. I am right-handed, but even righty’s know the use of an opposing hand for lathering on lotion or playing clapping games with their children.

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  1. But the good captain not only gained the versatility of his hook, he also gained the constant companionship of his pet crocodile!