Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Recollections: Scalpings and other Surgical Procedures

In which our Lady of the Scalp maps her skull for you all

I don't think I've mentioned yet that my brilliant brain surgeon doesn't shave heads.  Rather, he scalps.  I have heretofore always been the girl with no broken bones, sprains, stitches, or surgeries.  Now I have about a million stitches.  And a flap of skin on my head that feels like a mat of squished nerves.  The stitches sit right on my part in the middle of my head, above my ear, and there are some near my right temple and some in my right cowlick on the crown of my head.  All of them itch.  But they are healing nicely amidst my full head of hair.  Radiation may take care of the hair later, but for now, my vanities remain slightly intact.  By the way, it is interesting to contemplate Halloween now that I have legitimate claim on Frankenstein and who?What other scalpees/stitchees come to mind for Halloween costumes? Early Pilgrim?  Pioneer Woman without a Gun?  Sacajawea’s less fortunate white sister?  Nameless Woman on Dances with Wolves?


  1. You are amazing! I have no other words for you. I am amazed at your spirit, your ability to transport us (your readers) to your place of humility, and humor. Thank you for sharing, thank you for caring about us and keeping us all in the loop. I love you.

  2. I would go with the Sacajawea's less fortunate white sister. Yup. That's a good one. *wink*

  3. Tara, I just found this blog! I am amazed at your strength. I've been crying reading this. I pray for you and your family. my blog is
    Trentandjulie.blogspot.com I'm not the best at keeping it up, but their are some cute pictures of my gang. I wish you the best. I will tell Connie about your blog, she is far from being or even wanting to be techno savvy, but I know she at least has e-mail. my love and prayers--Julie Rees Landon

  4. Tara--your indomitable spirit and awesome sense of humor shine through and will carry you forth well on this journey.Sharlene and I want to visit and see you ---and your new house!