Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blueberries are the Best Fruit

In which our Lady of the Blueberries waxes Ironic

Did you know that of all fruits, the blueberry is probably the best one to represent my discovery and eventual healing from cancer?  Apparently, the blueberry not only induces greedy women to slip on rocks, hit their heads, and make life-saving discoveries, but also prevents cancer in laboratory mice.  Also, “the antioxidants called anthocyanins in wild blueberries prevent cancer from forming and stop them from proliferating. Published in the Journal of Food Science, the study tested the effects of blueberries on prostate and liver cancer cells. The lead scientist, Mary Ann Lila, Ph.D., reported that wild blueberres have had "cancer-fighting properties at all stages: initiation, promotion and proliferation. Wild blueberry compounds offer a multi-pronged attack against cancer." (  Excellent.  My saving grace, the blueberry.  I like playing with this idea, though to what end I know not.  After the accident, people would jokingly ask, “Were the blueberries worth it?”  My response was, “No way, go and buy them at Costco.”  I take that back.  Wild blueberries from Hatcher’s Pass are the best.


  1. Tara, Tara, do you remember Violet in WILLY WONKA when she eats all the blueberry candy? A sad analogy, but one to be mindful off. Kaylene

  2. Oh Violet, sad Violet. But even more sad, she ruins what I had going with the blueberries...

  3. isn't it ironic, don't ya think?