Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Power of a Good Prayer

In which our Heroine recounts Tidings of great joy

I would like to talk about the power of a good prayer.  So many of you are praying for me, that I thought I should first, thank you whole-heartedly, and second, tell about things from my end.  But first I will segue into a little experience I had a year or two ago.  I had a friend who happened to have a child that often gave her grief.  I cannot tell you the hours of patient work she put into this kid’s wellness.  One day she called me and it was plain that things had been going badly that day between her and her little angel.  It sounded like her heart was breaking, and I listened to her and murmured supporting comments as any good friend should.  After I hung up, I had the strongest feeling that I should pray for her.  Still standing by the phone, I dutifully did so.  After five minutes, I was sick of standing and felt like I’d said all the important things.  However, I’d read a talk on prayer by Elder Bednar recently, and knew I could do better.  So I continued.  It was looooooonnng.  But I looked deep at my friend’s situation and prayed from every angle I knew, and then threw in some extra stuff for her as it came to mind. 
At a certain point, I finally felt like the prayer was complete and closed.  The feeling afterward was one I will never forget.  The Spirit felt so strong, and there was a sense of ratification.  I knew my prayer had been heard, recorded in some great book somewhere, and that it would be answered.  My friend would receive her help, much beyond what I could do on the phone.  The forces of heaven had been marshaled o her behalf.  The best part, though, was the knowledge that Heavenly Father approved  of my offering. 
And so now I thank all of you out there for your offerings on my behalf.  It is interesting being on the end of what I know to be hundreds of prayers and meaningful fasts.  I can feel it on my end too, and I don’t mean just in my rapid healing or in the feeling of support and friendship and openness.  Or, even the excellent treats and dinners you all keep bringing to my door.  My brother told me recently that I have the Jewish community of Phoenix, many of whom live or work on his UPS route, praying for me too.  How charitable of them to pray for a complete stranger. The thing is, all I have to do at any given moment is open myself up in a quiet moment to the Holy Ghost and send the question out, “Am I receiving blessings right now because of prayer?”  And the answer is a resounding yes.  There is no doubt in my mind.  And I appreciate the prayers so much because they are not just for me but for my husband and child.  I thank you, each and every one of you.  And I hope for you to feel that divine sense of ratification in return.  It is truly one of the best things in life.  Although I must admit, this is pretty good from my end too.

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