Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oncologists and Un-romantic Dates

In which our Heroine Keeps you updated

I met with my chemo oncologist yesterday.  Dr. Delgalvis is a woman willing to admit that she doesn’t know everything, which I like.  I will meet with her again on Friday the 24th by which time she will have called the “big-wigs” to see what their advise is.  If my cancer was more on the terminal side, and if I was older, she would simply give me the usual strong dose.  Unfortunately, that could have some very bad side effects. For instance, I stressed to her yesterday that I would like to have more children someday, so could we not kill off my ovaries, etc…?  (Like my insurance would ever pay for me to put eggs in a bank).  Once we have her research, I can go ahead with radiation. 
On Monday the 27th I will do a radiation dry run.  This involves fitting a mesh mask over my face and getting strapped down.  Seeing in what ways I am claustrophobic and going through all the motions so I will know what to expect when they really do shoot a laser beam of radiation into my skull. I like my radiation oncologist so much that I’m actually willing to do this.  His name is Dr. Blom, and he has permanently surprised eyes.  This is one of my favorite things about him.  Well, now you know the dirty details.  Until the end of next week, I have a short respite/waiting period. 


  1. LOL - Loving your discriptions of the doctors and nurses!

  2. you are an awesome person Tara.... :)

  3. Note on the surprised eyes of Dr. Blom: think the Who's of Whoville.