Monday, October 11, 2010

The Kissing Caper

In which our Lady trains her Child to become a cage-fighter

This is my child.  I asked her to smile, but instead she pulled a kissy face.  Every night before bed, Jon and I hold Eva up before a picture of Jesus and she kisses his representation with just this face—not irreligiously, but with true ardor.  Fantastic, is it not? I’m not yet sure who else she does this to on a regular basis instead of smiling.  The thing is, if she thinks you’re going in for a kiss but you’re taking your time about it, she’ll get this waiting look on her face and part her lips slightly.  It reminds me of the kissing advice they give on the movie Hitch. Yesterday she got to attend Nursery at church for the first time and I’m a little worried about her love of kissing, given all the slobbery and runny-nosed children adventuring about. 
Maybe I shouldn’t be though.  The only incident I actually heard of from Nursery was that Eva had a basketball and got backed into a corner by all the little boys as they tried to take it away (most of these boys are quite a bit larger than she is.  Little Eva would have none of that, and apparently fought or scared them off eventually.  My child the cage fighter.  I first saw her terrorize a 2 year old at 11 months.  Apparently like her mother, Eva’s ready response to difficult situations is “Boo!”


  1. eva is absolutely adorable! i love that she inherited some of your fire!

  2. Yay! She has you're fighting spirit!