Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Angels the Third

 In which Our Heroine is Saved Again

This will be a short post as you already know about the Hatcher’s Pass blueberry incident (see posting one).  I hope you also remember Kirsten, savior du jour.  I was less coherent during the moment of seizure, etc…, but in the ER afterward Kirsten sat by me and tiredly told me what had happened.  As she did so, it became quite clear that several miraculous things had happened: that no injury had come to Eva, that she’d been able to get me out of the water at all, and that I’d even breathed again.  She treated it lightly and suggested that she’d had some help from angels “or something” because “I tell you what, Tara, there was no way I could have done all that without help.” As she said it, I knew it to be true.  I picture in my head a painting called Nativity by an LDS artist Brian Kershisnik that I saw at BYU. 

This is one of my favorite paintings.  Notice the hordes of angels surrounding the event (as well as a wonderfully realistic Holy Family).  Again, this image flew into my mind as Kirsten told these things in that hospital room.  And so ends the third incident of the angels.