Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Case of the Unsold Child

In which our Lady attempts to rid herself of the Thing she loves most. 

                Is it terrible that I tried to sell my helpless, innocent daughter off this morning on the internet?  It is true.  I felt devastatingly tired, and it seemed that finding a babysitter on Facebook would solve all my problems.  My usual Saturday morning plan is to let my husband take over with Eva.  Unfortunately, I married an Eagle Scout, and that seems to mean that he will forever be at Scout campouts on the weekends.  Mothers, quit telling your daughters to marry an Eagle Scout!  It is an overrated thing on a Saturday morning.  Anyway, there were no in-state offers.  Poor Eva had to hang out with her tired and therefore boring mother.  Next time, my plan is to demand money for the child.  I’m sure people will take it more seriously. 


  1. Ha ha ha. I totally understand what you mean. Saturdays are sacred Mommy time.

  2. Do you have redbox in Alaska? I use $1 movie rentals to bribe my kids to leave me alone for a couple of hours.

    Warning- do not leave children unattended with popcorn. If you thought what Christ did with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes was impressive, see what two little kids can do with one bowl of popcorn!