Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Had to Become a Samurai to Use a Bo-Staff

In which our Heroine learns the Tricks of the Hero-Trade.

Last night, I spent several hours cutting and bending cardboard in the hopes of making a homemade Halloween costume.   My idea was a cardboard Samurai, and my daring hope that I’d look good even though I’m running on a budget of zero.  Today I had an auspicious occurrence at physical therapy—one that I’m sure indicates that my cardboard Samurai armor is virtually meant to be.  Again, it felt like a video game (except minus the Wii) as I squatted atop these squishy rubber pillow-things with a bo-staff in my hands, exerting great effort at maintaining my balance along with my high-blown sense of dignity.  I faced myself in a giant mirror as I held the pole out in front of me and moved from rubbery foot thingy to rubbery foot thingy smacking cones off of foam or rubber pillars.   I stared myself down and it felt like the best Samurai or martial art training movie I’d ever seen as I watched myself swing the pole across in front of me and neatly sweep the cone off its base.  Now all I need to complete my traditional Samurai training is a Japanese tea ceremony and an evil army out to get my favorite Emperor.  Oh—and a finished Halloween costume.  I've included a photo of me below so you get the idea.  I'm the one on the right, with my physical therapist standing on left.  The hairy guy is my husband.

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