Monday, January 24, 2011

My Report Card

 In which our Heroine gets the Grade. 

          It occurs to me that some of you may want a report on how I am doing overall.  Just as parents receive a report card documenting their child’s progress in school, I now offer you a summary of my strengths and weaknesses.  May it be more illuminating than those inarticulate slips of paper were back in the day.
Tara.  Age 29.  The School of Hard Knocks.  Recent brain surgery.  Cancer patient.
Overall health: B+
Use of left arm: A
Use of left leg: A
Use of left hand (fine motor skills) A-
Naps and Sleep: C (The subject was hoping to reach a point where napping was unnecessary.  This has not happened).
Regular use of prescribed medicine: A (see note on Naps and Sleep)
Use of drugs for headaches: A- (almost never)
Continued and regular exercise: C (never my strong point…)
Healthy eating: B+
Use of finite amounts of energy and time: B+
Ability to do my job as mother: A
Outlook: A (positive)
Ability to make cancer miraculously disappear: Yet to be determined.


  1. You are doing great! Keep up the good work! Seriously, though, can't wait to see you SOON!!

  2. I think the patient deserves five stars!