Monday, January 17, 2011

I Have No Idea Who These People Are

 In which our Heroine steals Photos of other People. 

           I decided my blog needed more photos.  Unfortunately, I am far too paranoid to show off my own child on the vastness of the internet.  Consequently, I have no idea who any of these people are.
           My birthday: one day before our terrible car accident.  Please take note of my bushy hair.  I can pull off an 80’s prom queen hairstyle any day of the week, with little effort.  Here, we were camping, and I hadn’t even washed it that morning.  A girl can complain about her hair on a regular basis but still feel sad that the impending radiation and chemo would change it permanently—which is just what will happen if I ever get to that point.  We’re talking permanent bald spots from radiation and dead-looking if not absent hair from chemo.  It would be such a shame to have my ferocious volume be depleted just before the 80’s styles come back into fashion.  Whew! Dodged that bullet… for now…

           Elephants on Parade.
           Wow.  Cute kid.  I wonder whose she is.


  1. The elephant costume pictures are adorable! Also, you have great hair! I wish I could rock a shorter cut well.

  2. Thanks Mel. You'll notice that my child also has an 80's mullet. I'm telling you, we're naturals...

  3. Alex had a very similar mullet. Cute photos!

  4. Michelle, speaking of Eva's front, I saw Shannon Bailey the other day and she said Eva looks just like a Dahle. I think she was thinking of you when she said that... She's right--it's all in the eyes.