Thursday, January 13, 2011

Flippancy and Irony May be the Death of Me

 In which our Heroine faces tragic Irony. 

          In a fit of perverse humor, Irony has duped me at the last.  Less than 24 hours after publishing a blog post whose sole purpose was to complain about my supposed immobility, I’ve managed to sprain my ankle. 
          Moral of the story: Quit complaining and be glad for what you have.  Also, don’t kick at doors that are firmly closed. 
          (By the way, I do hope you all realize that my former post blaspheming the great Shakespeare was meant to be flippant.  It’s okay if all you die-hard Shakespeareans call me out for my poetic heresy.  It’s all part of the fun.  Not that I don’t love the feeble Ophelia’s turgid relationship with Hamlet…)  

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