Thursday, November 4, 2010

What's Your Excuse?

In which our sorry Excuse for a Heroine makes T-shirts. 

No, seriously.  What is your excuse? Everyone needs one.  I was using the “I have cancer” excuse with great effect to my close family and friends—sometimes jokingly, sometimes less so.  I did this for weeks before my prognosis changed.  And although I technically still have brain cancer, there are many assumed aspects of it that I don’t have to deal with.  For instance, I still have a full head of hair.  Not that a better prognosis has changed me.  Of course, I simply and swiftly began to insert “I just had brain surgery” and continued in my sorry and frankly inexcusable ways.  I guess in a way I’m luckier than the rest of you.  I have a REALLY effective excuse anytime I want.  Seriously, what can you possibly argue against?  Conversation finished.  Game over.  You lose.  I smugly win an extra life and coins rains down upon me. 
What can I say?  I love winning.  And so, I have decided to memorialize all past and future wins with a commemorative t-shirt.  Why not?  Other people do 5K runs, but I survive brain surgery.