Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Long and the Short of It

 In which our Heroine sets Goals. 

Apparently, my physical therapist was just joking when she said she wanted me to really think hard about my future goals and write them down.  After she saw this list, she said I’m the first patient she’s ever had that typed out their goals for physical therapy.  I signed and dated the top of the paper too.  (Somebody spent too many years in school).  I’m proud of my little list, but it makes me feel a little pathetic to have to settle for normalcy when I wish I could be a high achiever.  Still, I think they’re realistic, and if/when I meet them I will be ecstatic.    
 Short-term goals:
Summary: In one month I want to be living as well or better than I was before the surgery.
-don’t need to nap every day, just once in a while
-perform the tasks of mother and take care of house without a problem (while still using wisdom, of course)
-still have energy for occasional creative projects (once or twice a week: 2 hours for each)
-improved posture from now
-be able to keep up with Jon when we’re walking through the mall
-be able to chase Eva around the house more than 3 times without fatigue
-to be able to sit through more than a 3 hour block of meetings at a time (for church) and still be able to concentrate and form coherent sentences
-to keep walking daily, even when its cold out
-be able to shovel snow for 20 minutes
-to cook for 30 minutes or more, to keep several dishes going at the same time

Long-term goals:
Summary: One year from surgery I want to be able to accomplish anything another moderately active 30 year old woman could do, and feel just as good.
-Be able to hike 5 miles without overwhelming fatigue (3-4 on scale)
-to walk for 30 minutes and hardly feel it (a 1-2 on the scale)
-Be able to perform family bike rides for 30 minutes if a little hilly; for one hour if flat without fatigue
-Much improved posture
-To jog 1.5 miles without stopping
-To FEEL energized when I’m active, rather than drained
-do big projects, like: be able to paint a really big canvas (36 x 48 inches), sew something successfully
-do garden/yard work for an hour at a time easily
-to have no joint pain


  1. tara these are wonderful goals! i know you can accomlish them all! -jen

  2. Good for you! I love that they are specific and measurable. If only all patients were as good as you!