Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Run for It

In which our Lady gets sick but stays fit. 

Oh sickness! Oh pain! Oh misery! (Oh exaggeration and drama!)
Apparently having had brain surgery and previously dealing with lots of pain makes illness no better than before.  It is still terrible to have a swollen throat and unhappy sinuses. 
In other news, my daughter is a master track star already.  She runs like a pro whenever she gets her hands on something she knows she shouldn’t have.  Jon and I are often sent into fits of abrupt laughter when Eva takes off running for no known reason.  ALERT! We now know that our kid has something she shouldn’t!  She’s pretty cute when she runs because she has a big head and skinny, skinny and still somewhat wobbly and stiff legs.  She goes down fast when we go after her.  I’m pretty sure it’s the momentum of her head going around the corner faster than her body that takes her out.  Jon and I use these moments of weakness to grab whatever she has in her gorilla-strength grip while she howls “mine!” over and over again.  Despite the unhappy end in these moments, she also does the run-for-it game whenever I’m trying to get her coat and shoes on to go somewhere.  Her girly giggles ring throughout our house.  It is usually a good chase, and by the time I catch her I’m too tired to go on our daily walk around the neighborhood. 
Due to extreme exhaustion from such antics as well as my potentially awful ailment, that is all for today. 

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  1. Our son has a million and one allergies, including food allergies (but he's okay with milk!). Because he knows that eating the wrong thing will give him a rash, nausea, stomach ache, make him throw up, or potentially put him in anaphylactic shock, he has become very responsible about his eating habits. In particular he is very concerned about growing up to be big, stong, fast and Batman. Which makes him the perfect target for reverse psychology!

    When he wants too much candy we try to convince him that he should eat the whole bag and that we're willing to get him more. When he doesn't want to take a nap we start discussing having an all-night movie night to make sure he doesn't grown out of his "cute" stage.

    Is he going to grow out of this easily-manipulated stage someday? Yes. But for now I'm going to milk it for everything I can!