Friday, November 5, 2010

"Next Blog" II

In which our Heroine contemplates her Binary Existence, still. 

                Okay, I’m back for the second time today.  I just hit the “Next Blog” button, and here’s what I got: “dreams can come true… and look I have a cute dog…;” 3 family with kids blogs, one is LDS; two political blogs anti-Obama; a Disney artist who is into art and tech from the 1960s (atomic age); only one minister and his family blog; one teenager who has nothing better to do than write stupid things about teenage actors;  a scary blog that I only saw for a spit second as it had a link on the side labeled “queer art.”  Shouldn’t have put the tag about the ponies…  Make from this what you will, but it proves my point—we are not in control of our own lives on the internet, people!!!

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