Wednesday, March 16, 2011


In which our Lady continues in Awesomeness. 

1.       There is no sign that my cancer is growing back yet.  I will do another MRI in 3 months.
2.       I can drive again.  I feel so free, so unhampered, the possibilities are so limitless!  I’ve already taken the car out for a spin—to buy dinner for myself and my family.
3.       I am so tired.  I have obviously been overexerting myself due to anxiety.  I can’t wait to sleep.
4.       I feel very relaxed right now and therefore have no intention of sitting in front of my computer and straining my tired eyes.  Goodbye for now.


  1. We're so so happy to hear the great news. Our prayers continue to be with you.

  2. That's great so happy for you and your family


  3. YEAH! So glad you got good news and that you have new found freedom with being able to drive again!

  4. Can't wait to see you! Driving yourself to bookclub, I presume? Because you can! Wanna give me a ride for fun or do you enjoy driving in silence (sometimes i do).