Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Typhoid Mary Strikes Again!

In which Typhoid Mary returns from a Long and Arduous Journey. 

Well—actually it was incredibly fun because I got to see so many of my family and do so many fun things with them.  However, in my defense, it did seem at times to be long and arduous—but only because nearly all the small children in the households we visited were deathly ill with a plague the likes of which I have never before seen.  As we were plane-hopping from one end of the country to the other, this gave my husband, Eva, and I the choice opportunity of spreading germs near and far to each and every one of our loved ones.  You think I jest.  HA! I will let you in on a secret: I am afraid to call my Phoenix family, who I fear were greatly infected completely and totally due to us. 
In related news, traveling with a child who has a double ear infection is no small matter.  Also, Jon managed to contract an evil ear infection—the course of which led him to consult with two doctors and further to destroy his digestive system with powerful antibiotics.  He took nearly the whole next week off from work to recover.  Good thing he came back a week before Eva and me so he could go back to work... 
The good news is that I have sturdy ears of the non-infecting type, able to withstand both the piteous wails of my airplane-borne toddler as well as dreadful sickness.  The bad news is that no amount of Omega 3-packing cod liver oil will prevent me from feeling like I’ve circled back to square one as far as the healing from cancer thing goes after I’ve contracted a terrible cold.  I will just say that it was frustrating to have gone to so much work to keep healthy and prevent over-exhaustion on this trip only to have a stupid head-cold completely undermine everything.  I surmise that cancer plus cold equals super-exhaustibility.  Also good news: after lying low, literally, for several days, my cold is nearly gone.

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