Monday, March 28, 2011

Vampire Cookies

In which our Heroine yearns for the Wheat Berry. 

Dear Diary,
I’ve just finished ordering over $600 worth of organic, non-GMO foodstuffs.  I am so excited.  I justify my shopping spree tonight by the fact that I feel like having food storage available, and also that I am one of those odd ducks that actually uses the oddity called the wheat berry.  I have a wheat grinder, and I’m not afraid to use it.  Even though it is kind of scary and loud (it sounds like the Chainsaw Massacre in action on my kitchen counter).  Images of bloodletting aside, the results are worth it.  Did you know that it only takes a matter of a few days (presumably sitting on a store shelf) for wheat flour to lose its supposed nutrients and turn rancid? However, if recently ground and then stored in a refrigerator, those nutrients stay intact, plus you get the benefits of high fiber that is usually stripped from white flour.  Oh, and then “They” add bleach to the flour to make it pretty.  Mmmm—I just love a good cup of bleach with my average, everyday, death-defying meal.
Speaking of those kinds of meals… Remember reading the nutrition panel on the back of cereal boxes back in college?  I used to feel somewhat mollified in eating my high sugar breakfasts because all those B vitamins were identified as present, listed out in a clean column next to a cheesy kid’s game—and in exact amounts too!  With military precision, aligned into a column, each one would have the number “25%” neatly labeled next to said vitamins.  A year or two ago I learned how very wrong it is to have this kind of homogeneity in my food.  Think of those delicate nutrients being sifted, damaged in the process, lined up in rows, labeled, and sent on their merry ways inside plastic wrapping.  It seems a tad eerie to me now.  Maybe it’s the crazy rock music I’m listening to right now (Eclipse soundtrack—vampires you know), but I begin to feel that we torture our own food and then enjoy eating it!  I bet vampires get more nutrition out of their meals.
Also on my order list are my new discoveries of: Soft White Pastry Berries (“perfect for pie crusts, cookies, muffins, angel food cakes”), Real Salt (“similar to Celtic, but harvested in Utah,” thus cheaper), and Coconut Oil, organic, extra virgin.  I can only hope that the coconut oil comes in a container and not as a semi-solid brick or some other massy shape.  I’m only a little nervous about the weird items.  But I’ve got to learn sometime, right?  Meanwhile, I munch on cookies full of non-GMO, non-tortured, non-militarized, and non-carcinogenic fresh ground wheat, real butter, and cane sugar.  Take that, vampire cookies everywhere—you shall not have my brain cells!


  1. I've always wanted to try grinding my own wheat! I don't have a grinder though. JP used coconut oil at one time. It was some diet thing and I don't know how it went.

  2. If you need any help with any of these things, I use alot of them in my cooking. I mix my cocnut oil with palm oil though and then warm it up and pour it into quart jars and just use that. I am glad that you are doing better!

  3. So... does the coconut oil in fact come in a brick? Why mix it with palm oil? More information, if any have it please.