Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Reasons to Travel More

In which our Heroine convalesces; or, the Benefits of Procreation. 

Sorry I’m such a blogging dork.  I honestly forgot to write yesterday, and today I have no desire to type out my thoughts at all.  I think I am still struggling with being healthy from this cold and getting the basic things in life done—at least, that’s what today’s over-long nap seems to indicate.  I dropped so many hints tonight about Jon taking Eva to scouts with him that he actually caught on and did it.  Good husband.  And I get a much-needed break from Curious George episodes.  My daughter’s brains are rotting, but on sick days, momma has a “you can pretty much watch whatever you want” rule.  Well, until I feel like writing something worth reading, I will offer some photos from my trip.  These are Eva with just a few of her cute cousins (there are many more):
Eva and Jonas: almost exactly the same age, height, weight, etc…  Got along really well mainly because Eva was fully entertained just watching Jonas being busy.
Eva and Luka: this picture is not indicative of their relationship.  They had some cute moments, but Eva is just feisty enough to go at it with Luka on a regular basis.
Eva and Maren: liked each other quite a bit—mainly because Maren is very patient.
Chase, Mae-Mae (Marina), and Eva: Chase is the best babysitter ever!  Eva and Mae-Mae were only slightly jealous of eachother…
Eva and Benson: Loved each other, but again, this is mostly because Benson just doesn’t care when certain other children swipe his toys.

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