Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Weva (not a mis-spelling)

In which our Heroine delights in her daughter.

Man, being a mom is so worth it.  Here is a much-truncated list of cute things Eva does, along with experiences that are the best thing ever:
1.       My daughter calls herself “Weva” and it is really cute.  If she’s feeling blustery, it is a solid “Beva.”

2.       Every day we “Dance With the Animals.”  This is music video at the end of a Baby Einstein movie.  It involves running in place, hopping, making swimming and flying motions, and crawling.
3.       Every time I say good bye on the phone and hang up, Eva (or should I say Weva) says, “Bye Bye, See ya” in a sing-song voice.  This is confusing when her best friend Celia is over, because see ya sounds just the same as said child’s name. 
4.       When Eva is happy she lets out a low hum as she runs.  Her voice vibrates as she does this, by the way.  She has been doing it since about 6 months, first with just laying on a blanket, and then crawling.  No, wait—I just remembered that she used to do that at the very beginning every time she was happily nursing away.  Hmmm… maybe she’ll never stop? 
5.       Sometimes when Eva attempts to sing, she actually hits the exact notes of the song.  The rest is kind of meandering, of course.  But it is usually discernable.
6.       Jon taught Eva how to wear a superhero cape (dish-towel) and pose like a hero.  It’s great.  Unfortunately it is difficult to get a photo of this.
7.       When I sit on my exercise ball, she sits on hers too.  (One of those cheap balls from Walmart).  Really hard to take a picture of this.
8.       Eva’s laugh is loud “HA HA HA.”  No really, she actually ha-has.
9.       Her favorite words: crack-a (cracker), ti-ga (tiger), a nasally nian-da (panda), and puppy (puppy, puppet, pocket), and woof-woof. 
10.   Eva never goes down on the slide on her bum.  It is always a careful twist to the side while holding onto the top-side part, and then down by belly, feet first.  This is useful as she can hold food in her hand while sliding.  If you sit by her and clap when she goes down, she’ll never stop.   This is also useful for distraction of all kinds.

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