Monday, December 6, 2010

Maintaining the Status Quo

In which Our Lady goes on with Life as Usual.

Well, after all the suspense, here’s what the Doctor says: I can continue life as usual—for the next three months at least.  This is good news.  The residual cancer that I had leftover from the surgery is still in my motor cortex.  (There would have been serious physical repercussions had the Doctor moved to remove all the cancer, along with part of my motor function)  The cancer doesn’t appear to be making any dastardly moves against me.  It is lying dormant for now.  And so, my current task is to eat mostly fruits and vegetables for my diet, while simply maintaining the status quo.  I am mostly relieved that I get to continue my life as usual.  You know, I have things scheduled into my calendar until past Christmas.  This is telling.  Apparently, I never had any desire to stop life as usual anyway.  I feel like I have more time to figure out this healthy-eating, scripture reading lifestyle that I’m trying to do better.  Meanwhile, the waiting game continues… Here’s to maintaining the status quo.


  1. glad to hear things are stable! :)

  2. I'm glad things are back to more normal. Now that you must eat a rabbit's diet it makes them miss the rain all the more.

  3. I'm curious about your diet. Sometimes the everyday rut can be so nice. I hope things stay calm and normal for you.