Thursday, December 23, 2010


In which our Heroine takes Christmas Vacation. 

Even bloggers need Christmas vacation.  I was not going to take the time and write this.  I was going to cheekily say that no apologies are offered.  And then last night my mother-in-law called and asked if everything was all right because I wasn’t writing on my blog.  Oh.  In my moment of selfishness I  forgot that some of you are keeping tabs on me through the blog.  Silly me, that’s the reason I started the thing. 
I also wasn’t going to write any more, but now my fingers are itching to keep going, even though my kid is screaming at me. (She hates it when I start typing).  Anyway:
Dear Sister-in-law Sue,
Thank you for all the CDs.  I opened the one you said I could open early—it is great.  Unfortunately, I know what the other CD’s are too.  No surprises for me on Christmas morning!  When I pulled the package out of the mailbox, the words “Media Mail may be Inspected” were insolently stamped in red on either side of the giant rip running down the center of the package.  Gee, many thanks to the post office for inspecting what was obviously a pile of CDs and a DVD.  They had bandaged their idiocy with clear plastic tape.  Inside, Jon’s present was left untouched, but my little bundle was a shambles of torn and scrunched wrapping paper.  You know, Jon and I made the grave mistake of spending way too much on one of the gifts we sent off because we made the mistake of trying to use UPS, but at least they have a policy of not ripping open their clientele’s property like the United States Postal Service.  Doesn’t the idea of property come up somewhere in the Bill of Rights?  Is courtesy not implied in our national custom?  How naïve of me to think it applied to my mail. 
Many thanks for a stellar, if unsurprising, collection of music,

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  1. How sad!!!! Sorry that your presents won't be a surprise. I hope you enjoy them anyways.