Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Trouble with Wednesdays

In which our Lady sees a flaw in the Calendaring system 

The trouble with Wednesday is that it comes every week.  It is true, Wednesday never fails.  It is something awful to see a hulking Wednesday muscling in after a particularly fine Tuesday.  The problem with Wednesday is this: it’s in the middle of the week.  It is the day I never seem to have anything scheduled.  It is the day that inevitably ends up being the coldest and therefore the most house-shut-in day of the week.  It is the day that my energy level peaks after several days of rest from the weekend, and conversely the day that Jon’s exhaustion catches up with him and therefore makes the evenings truly boring.  It is the day that things I’ve ordered from Amazon should have arrived but haven’t, the day that leads inevitably to paperwork or some other organizationally boring task. 
Eva feels the same way about Wednesdays.  Despite her inability to speak full paragraphs, or even full sentences clearly, she makes her preference known.   At 11 am she brought me my shoes, hat, and scarf.  She insisted I put them on, perhaps hoping that an outdoor excursion would follow.  Alas, 3 degrees is just enough to keep me staunchly indoors.  She had failed.  With nothing better to do than watch Baby Einstein again, Eva eventually consented to go down for a 3 hour nap. 
In the meantime, I wile away my hours by cooking, reading, and blogging.  It is inevitable that I have a streak of mind-boggling efficiency on this the most lingering of days.  I even manage to do some Christmas shopping online, wishing the whole time that I could drive a car and go do it in person.  This from a self-proclaimed home-body who greatly dislikes both shopping and stores.  The trouble with Wednesday is that I had a seizure 3 months ago and by law can’t drive for a while.  (Sigh)  Tonight I will urge Jon to drive me somewhere.  Instead, he will sneakily fall asleep on the couch before we’ve even had dinner.  It is then that the dullness will drive me insane, and then who knows what will happen!  At this point, I feel that my options are either to sleep straight through from Tuesday to Thursday, possibly stealing my own car out of the garage and driving illegally, shopping online and spending exorbitant amounts of money, or the writing of knock-off poetry.
Wednesday, Wednesday, can’t take that day.
Wednesday, Wednesday, you’re all that I hoped you wouldn’t be.
And Thursday morning—I can guarantee,
That in a week, Wednesday will again be here with me…


  1. I hate Wednesdays too! They always seem so slow and dull. By the way, and please don't take offense, but I thought you might be interested, there have been some recent studies about Baby Einstein that I thought you might be interested in. You might not care. I just remembered them when you mentioned the videos.,8599,1650352,00.html

  2. Mel,

    The good news is that I never had any illusions that Baby Einstein would actually make my baby smarter. I was just hoping for it to entertain her and give me a break. It was definately a success, in that way. And my experience tells me that its not inhibiting her in any way either.

    To put a really positive spin on it: Baby Einstein allows cancerous me to continue to care for my child instead of putting her in daycare.

    I hereby add stupid child videos to my gratitude list!

  3. Yeah, I think the summary is that they're just like normal TV shows for kids. They don't help (intelligence wise), but they don't hurt either. They're there to entertain and they're good for that! :)