Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Christmas Cancer

In which Our Lady figures out the Limitations of Cancer.

There’s something about Christmas that brings out the best emotions.  It was a few hours ago while watching the LDS broadcast of the Christmas Devotional that I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and contentment.  The giant projector screen hung down at the front of the chapel showed a beautiful display of Christmas trees and lights.  I heard wonderful messages of Christmas joy and holiday giving from members of the First Presidency.  And each of them personally testified of the wonderful miracle of our Savior’s Christmas birth.  I was sitting between my husband and my in-laws, with Eva playing contentedly on her Grammy’s lap and listening to the most gorgeous Mormon Tabernacle Choir songs when I felt that rush of warm gratitude for the things I have.  How blessed to sit with good family hearing about the birth of Jesus Christ through beautiful music.  Regardless of how things go at the Doctor’s office tomorrow, I am glad to have these moments.  And I realized tonight that whether or not I do cancer treatments will little affect the fact that I get to celebrate Christmas.  The anxiety I have felt over the last several weeks, and the possible trials of the upcoming weeks cannot, should not, and will not ruin my Christmas.  It’s comforting to realize that I at least have this.  However much power I imagine cancer to have over my life, it cannot take Christmas away.  My truth of the day: Cancer exerts no control whatsoever over either natural forces or national holidays. 

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