Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Day of the Hippie

In which our Heroine officially becomes a Hippie. 

 I’ve been teetering on the edge of hippie-ism for a while now.  First, I was born naturally mistrustful of authority.  Then I went to art school, and then studied art history.  (I liked my feminism theory class, okay?  And I think contemporary art forms are cool.)  About 5 year ago I quit using cosmetics and ditched hair spray.  Then last year I began grinding my own wheat and considered buying organic produce and grass-fed meats.  I got interested in aroma therapy, and only wish I was flexible enough to do yoga, and patient enough to do tai-chi. 
And yet, somehow, I didn’t quite see the herbal-remedy-for-cancer thing coming.  I am interested, I’ll admit.  I just don’t know how far I want to go into it. Again, I have trust issues.  I refuse to jump headlong into alternative therapy.  Meanwhile, I am more open to the idea than I ever thought possible.  Once I realized that much of the idea behind alternative medicine was to eat traditional, time-tested foods and herbs in an attempt at better health, I decided it might not be so bad.  It makes a kind of sense to eat 1) what God put on the earth for our good, and 2) what man has had millennia to test out (in case of side effects, etc…) in the hopes that it makes me healthier. 
However, I will admit that I am still cynical about most of the “miracle drugs/vitamins/ supplements” out there.  Ginkgo biloba and massive over-doses of vitamin C might be good, but I’ll be doing a lot of research to find out for sure, first.   
Meanwhile, I am turning into a hippie, and I didn’t even mean to do it.  Where will cancer take me next?

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