Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Door Number 3

In which our Heroine refuses to choose Sides
Dear All of You who are more Medically or Nutritionally Smarter than Me,
I don’t want to choose sides, okay?  I want to continue using my excellent brain surgeon, and if push comes to shove, even a radiologist or oncologist.  I am also pro-anasthesia, okay? My memories of the epidural are very close to my heart, so lay off.  In addition, if I want to use some disgusting cod liver oil and eat massive amounts of organic vegetable instead of an oversized daily vitamin, I think I should be able to do so without criticism. 
Is it so bad to want the best of both worlds?  Why can’t the different schools of medical thought work together for my benefit?  I read about a city in India where the very Western/high-tech medical facilities were right down the street from herbal stalls.  The author, in an attempt to answer how this could possibly work, asked many people how they choose their medical care.  The answer was an overwhelming mix of both sources of treatment.  For chronic conditions that had a lot to do with lifestyle (like high blood pressure, cholesterol, or even cancer), they went herbal every time.  For ailments that needed immediate or emergency attention (like a broken bone or a heart attack), patients chose the hospital. 
To continue: Please stop looking overly concerned for my mental health when I tell you of my explorations or preferences.  If you have to say something, then come up with a concrete reason after first keeping an open mind, please.  Try reading the other side’s literatures for a change.  It’s pretty convincing too.  Oh, and quit asking whether I am doing traditional herbal OR medical practice treatment.  Surely they are not so incompatible that they can’t work together for my good.  I take neither A nor B on its own.  I choose C.
Yours in  longevity,

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  1. Good for you, I think "C" is an excellent option! There are benefits that can come from both the naturalist and the scientific based communities when it comes to our health. We all have to figure out what works best for us and for some that is at either of the extremes. However all must realize that what is right for them may not be for someone else.