Monday, May 9, 2011

Digging in the Hot Sun

In which our Heroine searches for her Verve. 

I woke up tired today and stayed that way.  I thought I was done with this nonsense.  I haven’t had a hard day like this since February (when I was battling a terrible cold while traveling through four western states).  Today, even my nap didn’t refresh.  It is so demoralizing to wake up twice within the same day and feel so very weary each time.  I found myself facing a whole day of zombie-dom.  What to do, what to do?
The idiotic part of my brain decided that the best thing would be to go dig things up in the back yard for a few hours under the pretense that the bright sun would jolt the exhaustion right out of me.  The digging part was probably a bad idea, but it is nice to feel like I’ve scored a little against a few hundred of the little chickweed seedlings, which are actually thriving much better than my future vegetable garden, by the way.  I managed to find some flagstones hidden beneath a thin layer of chickweed and I determined to dig them out and slide them on top of the verdant chickweed.  Small progress—it may take me a week to finish this particular job.  I did have some good fun shearing back my lilac bushes with my new titanium-tipped (or something) shears.  Man, those things can really slice.  There’s nothing like wielding a bit of dangerous equipment for putting the verve right back into a person.    

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