Thursday, May 5, 2011

Berry, Berry, Quite Contrary

In which our Lady reports on how Her Garden does Grow. 

Proverbially speaking, wheat berries are quite the nut to crack.  After four, or is it five(?) days soaking, my jar was finally ready to use last night.  Here is my process: I soaked the berries in water for four days, rinsed 2-3 times daily, until there were quarter inch sprouts.  I have done two things with them. I have added thoroughly soaked wheat berries into my second mix of bread dough.  I also just made up a wheat berry cooked cereal for Eva and me today.  It was, of course, mixed with the obligatory yummy stuff all toddlers require: apple slices, brown sugar, some butter, and milk.  It was quite tasty for an (almost) impromptu meal.  To report on the first batch of freshly baked bread, tried from Cari’s recipe (see last post and post comments):  It was awesome.  I really enjoyed it—so much that I almost ate the whole thing on my own. 
My little seedlings are coming along quite well.  The Siberian tomatoes that I’ve been waiting to plant for the last three months are… difficult to seed.  I can now see why my much wiser older brother Todd insisted that I plant the Oregon Spring variety.  Those suckers sprouted right up without a hitch—now we’ll just have to see if they produce.  The lettuce and herbs are also ridiculously easy so far.  Also, my mother-in-law has given me two new houseplants.  (Never say the elder generations haven’t done anything for you).  And I have 4 little starts for houseplants coming right along.  I’m beginning to really like growing things, if only because using seeds and plant starts is an incredibly thrifty way spend a little creative energy with the end result of making my house, and  by extension my life, into a friendlier and healthier environment. 
On the subject of my home: I have friends who are always searching for ways to make their lives more fulfilling or exciting.  They search for more prestigious and well-paying jobs, shop for better clothes, etc…  They spend a lot of time filling their lives with many things, from entertainment to excess clutter.  I sometimes feel that they question my lifestyle choices as a stay-at-home mother who drifts through life baking bread and starting seedlings.  But I will say this: I am content with my little garden.  Cancer really shows you what is important.  My religion, the focus on my marriage, child, and home—along with a little creative outlet—make me happy.  It doesn’t take much besides, health, stability, and love.  May my future be filled with the simplicity of greenery and the deliciousness of artisan bread.

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  1. I like this! Plants always have brought some type of healing to me and growing things is such a fulfilling hobby.