Monday, April 18, 2011

A Toddler's Birthday Dream

In which Eva turns Two. 

                I am overwhelmingly glad to still be around for my child’s birthday.  As of a few days ago, she turned two.  I decided that since it was her birthday, she could do pretty much whatever she wanted and I would try not to lose my patience.  So… I guess you could say that what I gave her for her birthday was a gift-wrapped box of (somewhat inadequate) patience.  Here is my photo-documentary of the special day:
First, there was the hour long bath… without hair-washing because she dislikes getting her head wet.
Then Eva got to mix her own pancakes.  This is her defending her whisk.  Get away from my bowl, Mom!

Unfortunately, I did have to steal a little pancake mix so I could cook a pancake for her.  She’s hurt to the core by this utter betrayal.
So I placated her with excess syrup.
Then she got to do the dishes,
And sweep the floor. 

Playing in the backyard was fun.  Look!  No coat!  I sat in a lawn chair nearby.
My friend Sharlene dropped by with some birthday cupcakes.  Eva spent some time distributing lunch (ahem, cupcake crumbs) across my kitchen with her friend Katie.
Then she opened a present from Grandmama (my mom).  Eva is now the proud owner of an entire band.  Well, except for the harmonica, which I have now appropriated for my own use.
Instead of taking a nap, Eva got to go play in a mud puddle.  After that I lost my patience and quit taking pictures.  There’s a reason why toddlers take naps!

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