Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Day my Food Forgery Failed

In which our Lady engages in Burger Forgery. 

Happy late April Fool’s Day.  My ward had a party that night and one of the activities was that the Primary children would vote on the best April Fool’s side dish or dessert.  With great anticipation, I made these:

I did not win the competition.  Apparently, small attention deficit (and therefore disordered) children do not like dark chocolate mints for their burgers.  They prefer watermelon carved to look like a brain.  In a failed attempt to retake my competitive pride, I also endeavored to build the highest tower/building with crackers and cheez whiz.  Sadly, I cannot add the cheez whiz tower to my list of undercover talents.


  1. I for one think that those tiny burgers are super cute! I would have voted for them. I'm also a big fan of chocolate mint :)

  2. Your burgers turned out awesome! I've also seen them with brownies cut round as the patty. Maybe that would have appealed to the younger crowd better though I think they look yummy just as they are.