Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Throne of all Showers

In which our Heroine Sits.

Today I used a shower chair for the first time in two years (while showering), and I thought to myself, “Wow, I should really write about this because my life is full of unimaginably bizarre experiences.” 

Using the chair today brought back some memories.  Like the time when my mom had to shave my right armpit for me because I was paralyzed on half my body.  (Hey, I’m just letting all you healthy yuppies in on some real-life sickie information here.)  There is always the lovely memory of my mom (bless her soul) putting A LOT of towels down on that cold chair and pretty much anywhere I was going to be just so I could stay warm, which is ridiculous because those who truly convalesce have no energy to dry and braid their lustrous locks of hair.  Warm towels are useless against the wet head. 

However, none of the above experiences applied today.  I needed the chair because my currently fluctuating medication makes me dizzy for several hours each day.  Of course, that precise moment of wooziness was the only time I had to take a shower today.  Usually I avoid the problem by wisely ordering my schedule around the medication.  And so goes my life: largely directed and certainly influenced by my health.

And here the slightly modified part that I write in my journal at the start of a new year: I hereby promise to write much more often in this incredibly important, wonderfully interesting, and shall we say, indispensable blog.  I will even post a summary of the past several months so my indefatigable fans will be current on what is happening otherwise.  I know this because it is already written.  I set the date and time for 11/14/12 at exactly 2:03 p.m. Alaska Standard Time.

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